Week 5 Game 3 between G2 and UOL

“What?  I thought G2 won both games in the set?” is something you might say dear reader.  But what’s real isn’t necessarily what’s reality.  Let’s be completely honest – G2 lost Game 2.   However, however, HOW-EV-ER, it seems that the Unicorns of Love couldn’t possibly allow their greatest rivals this split to lose, couldn’t possibly conceive of the notion that won games should be won, couldn’t possibly consider that maybe one shouldn’t teleport most members of the team into a small, highly telegraphed spot where three of some of the most game impacting ults could easily be used on them.

Let’s backtrack a little bit first.  Game 1 was squarely G2’s win.  No question about it.  Twenty kills to five, eleven towers to three, over a 15k gold lead – that was their win fair and square.  Moreover, Perkz had a dominating performance on his Orianna with a k/d/a of 9/1/7; he even got some solo kills on Exileh!

I just wanna show you guys how good Exileh is.  This is UOL’s primary carry.  He’s basically one of the best mids in EU right now, and Perkz styled on him!  Absolutely ridiculous considering how rare solo kills are in professional matches, particularly against the top players.

And then we get to Game 2.  I’m sure we all remember a short little poem that came about during last season’s control mage meta:

My Ryze is bad,

My Azir is worse,

You guessed it right –

I’m G2 Perkz!

So, I’m not one to say that Perkz deserved all the hate he got online that season, but man, it’s sometimes hard to deny that Perkz really needs to just buckle down and work on some of these champions.  During Game 2, Perkz was the only one to go negative on G2’s side (besides the support, obviously) on his Azir.  Moreover, his kill participation was atrocious – out of the seventeen kills that G2 acquired, he participated in seven with the next lowest being Trick with eleven.  That’s just absurd.

UOL looks good.

Anyways, while Perkz was spectacularly failing at Azir, the rest of G2 was spectacularly failing all around the map.  Time after time, G2 would overextend, get picked, and then lose something or UOL would force an engage, win the fight, and then take something.  UOL just played extremely confidently throughout the game while taking every advantage they could, such as the catch they got right before 20 minutes that allowed them to take Baron almost as soon as it spawned.

And then G2 managed to just take Baron before UOL even realized what they were doing.  Keep in mind, this is still under the “UOL looks good” heading.  That’s cause UOL takes advantage of G2’s positioning errors during the resulting fight in order to snag kills on Expect and Trick.  Then even though they lose a tower and a drake, they manage to get another three kills on Perkz, mithy, and Trick again.

UOL looks bad.

The game cools down for a bit before picking right back up when G2 tries to take Baron again.  There, the Ivern bush funkiness along with Daisy causing some havoc and Jhin ulting in the background allow Xerxe to steal the Baron.  So now, dear reader, you’re wondering how this is UOL looking bad, especially when they go and take both nexus turrets.  Well, you see, that’s the issue.

They took the nexus turrets and then got almost got completely aced since the Jhin got chunked by Graves’ ult and Vizicsacsi and Hylissang (i.e. the tanks) had lost almost all their health just facetanking the towers.  Consequently, there was basically no way to for them to turn around and win this fight.  Moreover, they were actually at a slight item disparity since G2 had just spawned and spent all of their gold, whereas the large gold lead that UOL had just acquired was exactly that – coin in the bank, but not yet spent.  Afterwards, G2 gets a couple towers and Elder Dragon.

UOL looks ugly.

Ok, so UOL at this point has a few options:

  1. they can try to pick a fight with G2, which they’ll probably immediately lose since Elder Dragon provides an absolutely ridiculous amount of damage to each spell and auto-attack;
  2. they can just wait out the less than two and a half minutes that the Elder buff lasts, while manipulating waves in order to try to siege G2; or
  3. they can try an extremely risky plan to backdoor the enemy team while THE ENEMY TEAM IS SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR NEXUS.

We all know which option they chose.  Why?  Only UOL can say, but as /u/KJShen and /u/Glorfindel212 discussed, it might’ve been because UOL were concerned that they’d thrown too hard and thought that they needed to end the game as soon as possible in order to prevent any further throws on their part.

Ok, so as to not completely denigrate their idea – it almost worked!  If any number of minor things were different – if G2 didn’t have Elder so they wouldn’t have such ridiculous teamfighting power; if Ryze had Realm Warped the team closer to the nexus so that they could immediately start hitting it, instead of having to walk through Rumble’s ult, around Azir’s ult, and after the root from Varus’ ult wore off; if, instead of using Abyssal Voyage to get Ryze to the Ivern and the Jhin, they were positioned in such a manner that when the call was made Ryze would’ve been beside one of them and Tahm Kench beside the other, thereby having three points of entry into the base to split G2’s attention with instead of the two that actually happened – it might’ve worked!

UOL at the end of the game, picture courtesy of /u/boryumugo.

But it didn’t.  Did they have to do this?  I don’t think so.  Was it worth?  Not at all.

Don’t get too mad UOL fans, I know I’ve thrown games away while trying to make big, flashy plays, why don’t you guys share some of yours?  Or even some favorites from the competitive scene?


ADC in 2k17 LUL

Piglet, picture courtesy of Riot Games and brought to my attention by /u/xHardStyle

Poor Piglet.  What else can you say for that guy?  He was a World Champion along with the rest of the SKT T1 squad in 2013.

Then he joined the forever fourth squad, Team Liquid (then Team Curse).  It’s been a sad time since then what with them never getting even remotely close to a finals spot (despite some hopeful splits).

Despite these set-backs, Piglet has always been a consistently good player, and this split in particular has looked like a fresh start for the team despite some early losses.  However, as everyone knows, he’s still playing ADC in 2k17, which means that it’s a hilariously depressing time as you’re stuck on utility carries and are constantly getting dived.

Speaking of dives – Game 1 of the match between Liquid and Echo Fox during Week 3.

What in the world were Keith and Gate thinking?!  Here they were, just having managed to miraculously survive a four man gank, and then they decide to stick around after blowing all of Gate’s sums?  Did they think that TL were just gonna leave?  The wave was still right there, which means that they could just dive again, especially after Keith gets snared by Piglet.  This results in the Varus blowing both of his own sums, and the EF botlane still dying anyways.

But what I really wanna show is the plight of ADCs, not the stupid positions they occasionally get themselves into.  I need you to understand, dearest reader, that even if the ADC plays perfectly, his or her effect on the game, especially against tanks, is like the story of the bird chipping away at the mountain, i.e. an eternity is required for them to be relevant.  Watching Piglet in one play of Game 2, really brought this home to me.

The start of the fight.

Look at how miniscule the chunks are to Looper from Piglet’s autos while also paying attention to Piglet’s positioning.  At the beginning, the Shen is full health and is standing on his Spirit’s Refuge, so he’s not even taking damage.  Piglet is standing just behind Lourlo so as to be in range of Looper – he knows he can’t get cc’d cause Looper’d already used his taunt, Keith wasn’t in the area, Gate couldn’t get close enough to put on the stacks he needs to cc the Ashe, and Froggen’s cc is a highly telegraphed and slow projectile.

The kiting.

Then as Looper walks forward, Piglet kites backwards to maintain a proper amount of space between himself and the Shen.  It’s basically perfect: moving just as much as possible or needed to maintain space or dodge spells before stopping to fire another auto.  By this point it’s been five whole seconds of Piglet just autoing Looper, and Looper’s only at half health.  Yeah, it’s a full tank, full build Shen, but on the other hand, it’s a full build ADC.  By this point, ADCs are supposed to melt tanks, melt towers, just overall be the opposite of that jet fuel and steel beams debacle.

The beginning of the end.

Anivia walks up and puts down her ult and traps the Maokai with her wall.  Piglet’s forced back temporarily, then when he sees it’s all clear, he walks up right next to the wall so that he can just barely be in range of the Shen to continue autoing him; however, he’s not really in a good place to auto so he walks back and forth trying to get those max range autos off.  Now it’s unclear what exactly is happening from Piglet’s perspective since we can’t check coms, but I think he noticed that Varus had finally shown up and tried to dodge the incoming ult by walking backwards, but he managed to get clipped by the skillshot and gets snared.  So now he’s forced to blow his QSS and still gets chunked to a third by the immediate Q follow-up by Keith.


Now Piglet’s in trouble.  He doesn’t have any summoners, he doesn’t have the QSS get-out-of-jail plan, he’s got Zyra for some peel, but that’s about it.  So he tries to sit at max range and just Volley into the fight, but woe is him!  Due to a ward in the bush getting disabled due to Gate’s red trinket, and the projectile itself going through the bush with various champions and the bush graphics themselves being in the way, Piglet doesn’t see Froggen’s Flash Frost and is stunned.  That just makes it super easy for Akaadian to lob a spear at him and get chunked super low.  He would’ve died just then, but Lourlo cc’s the Nidalee so she can’t leap/execute the Ashe.  However, Piglet decides to stay for just a bit longer in order to toss out another Volley, and then he gets sniped by another Varus arrow since he didn’t have enough time after the animation ended to dodge.


It’s looking pretty bad at that moment for Liquid cause both their ADC and their tank is gone, but EF decides to back off since they’re all pretty low and Reignover just respawned so they don’t want the Kha’Zix to go on a reset rampage.  Eventually Team Liquid wins the match, and then they also win Game 3.


In any case, playing ADC ain’t a lot of fun.  Just the other day, I was playing Caitlyn and I managed to have a beautiful KDA of 0/7/7 since the other team had a considerable amount of dive and burst.  I feel good that I at least managed to roughly maintain parity in total damage output to the rest of the team.  Why don’t you share some of your ADC in 2k17 moments in the comments below?

The Classic DIG Baron Throw

DIG, 76ers, and Apex logos superimposed on some players from the DIG and Apex teams, courtesy of TechCrunch

You gotta love Team Dignitas.  After the team was brought back from the dead by the Philadelphia 76ers along with a new roster and management, fans are relieved that the old DIG memes can still live on due to a classic maneuver pulled by DIG during the set against Phoenix1: losing a won game with a Baron throw!  Still the fans are a bit upset that the memes could resume right in Week 1.

As a bit of a backdrop, Game 1 went pretty well for DIG.  Close in kills, but who cares about kills?  (Actually I care a lot about the kills – full disclosure, I have Ssumday on my fantasy team.)  What matters is objectives, and there DIG was crushing P1.  At the end of the match, P1 had 3 towers whereas DIG had 11 as well as the nexus.  Then we get to game 2…

To say the least, Game 2 was a doozy.  I mean just look at the gold advantage chart!


A 7k gold lead to almost 4 the other way?  How could that be?  Well, remember what I said in the beginning?  Yeah, that’s what happened.

“Well, how’d it happen?” is a pretty good question dear reader, so lemme explain.  The short answer is that DIG didn’t take advantage of their lead to finish the game.  Here’s the long answer:

DIG was scared of taking a risk.

They’d been stalling the game out for a few minutes already – losing 1k of the lead they’d accrued.  Azael even mentions how irrelevant that DIG is making their lead.  Then, even though they were in an advantageous position and had a gold advantage (which was also evident in their items, e.x. Azir having come back with that tasty Void Staff), they backed off from Baron Nashor and didn’t try to take the fight even though it was basically just Inori clearing the Zz’rot void gate.

DIG got chunked.

After backing off from Baron and then hanging out for a bit, DIG sees that P1 is top and in their blue side jungle, so they thought that they could move quickly to set up the siege and possibly take the tower before P1 could reposition.  However, they took too long to push the wave in – and with the minion line quickly getting rebuffed to right outside tower range, there was no way for them to siege especially when P1 repositioned and then tried to engage on them.  Even though P1 blew some ultimates like Ashe’s Arrow without getting a kill, they were able to chunk some of them considerably, especially the Azir – a carry who now didn’t have a flash.

DIG loses the Baron.

With DIG trying to back in order to lick their wounds and scared of picking a fight, P1 had free reign of the map.  And what best to do other than Baron when you know you’re not going to be seriously contested?  Chaser tried his best to steal it, but it’s hard to pull that off when the enemy team knows you’re right there and can communicate to burst the Baron appropriately.  P1 doesn’t even bother to slaughter the now vastly overextended Lee Sin – they just wanna back and spend the 1.5k gold they just earned.

DIG loses the Elder Drake.

P1 backs before heading over to contest the next objective, which is the Dragon.  First Keane gets surprised by Ryu and gets chunked to a third of his health.  Then Ssumday stays in place to clear a ward while his team is retreating, so he gets jumped on by all of P1.  He manages to survive because Poppy is OP and he blew Flash.  While this is happening, Xpecial gets caught by Elise’s Cocoon so he blew Exhaust on Inori in order to not get popped by the full AP Elise.  All in all, DIG is in pretty bad shape, so P1 has an easy time of taking Elder Drake.  Luckily for DIG, the waves are in a terrible place for P1 so they need to back in order to push them back out.

DIG kills the tank.

After taking care of the waves, P1 groups to siege the inner bot turret.  Since it’s only the Poppy and Lee Sin there while that’s happening, they take it pretty darn quickly.  As the tower falling animation plays, Arrow Arrows Ssumday and zig engages with Adrian ulting in the background.  They manage to pop Poppy’s Guardian Angel, but it seems that there was a bit of miscommunication when the Maokai dives further (and then gets Lee Sin ulted to under the inhib turret) while the rest of his team is just chilling in the back.  Simply put, good-bye tree.

DIG throws at Baron.

So how does DIG mess this up?  The tank’s gone, P1 is backing, and they’re in ideal position to take Baron.  Unfortunately, the answer is just by being DIG –  they’re fated to throw whenever Baron is involved since it’s their kryptonite.  In this case, the biggest issue was that even though it took forever to get to Baron since they basically had to cross the entire map river-wise (from their bot inhib turret to the Baron pit), the Baron hadn’t even spawned yet!  However, they pretty easily manage to get the Baron and back without P1 picking a fight – I tricked you!  DIG doesn’t throw at Baron this game!  Actually I lied, I couldn’t keep up your false hope for too long – the throw will happen, it’s just not now.  All that basically happens with DIG getting Baron at this time is that the game gets extended for quite a bit longer.

DIG throws at Baron.

Eventually Baron spawns yet again, DIG is positioned on the top side of mid whereas P1 is a bit below them and Ryu is bot in order to push that massive wave back before it becomes an issue at their base.  In other words, DIG is ideally positioned to take Baron and one of P1’s carries is ridiculously far away from being a factor in the fight, so DIG starts taking Baron.  However, P1 masterfully pokes and harasses DIG enough that DIG doesn’t feel secure about just going and bursting Baron down.  While this is happening, Corki is making his way up as quick as he possibly can.  When Ryu is in range, zig engages on DIG, and it’s basically a rout since DIG is really weak due to the Baron debuff that’s been stacking on them for quite some time now.


After that, P1 just rushes up mid – there isn’t much that a full tank Poppy is gonna be able to do to stall out all of P1.

With DIG fans staring in bewilderment at how they lost a won game, Game 3 happens and to say that it was lopsided is an understatement – DIG wins the series with an impressive 27 to 11 kill difference and a dominating 11 to 1 tower difference.

Though it turns out that this Baron throw of DIG’s was basically just to raise the blood pressure of their fans before securing the eventual series win, why don’t you tell me your favorite Baron throw?  (Both DIG and others are allowed!)

Meme courtesy of Redditor /u/TimMeijer