ADC in 2k17 LUL

Piglet, picture courtesy of Riot Games and brought to my attention by /u/xHardStyle

Poor Piglet.  What else can you say for that guy?  He was a World Champion along with the rest of the SKT T1 squad in 2013.

Then he joined the forever fourth squad, Team Liquid (then Team Curse).  It’s been a sad time since then what with them never getting even remotely close to a finals spot (despite some hopeful splits).

Despite these set-backs, Piglet has always been a consistently good player, and this split in particular has looked like a fresh start for the team despite some early losses.  However, as everyone knows, he’s still playing ADC in 2k17, which means that it’s a hilariously depressing time as you’re stuck on utility carries and are constantly getting dived.

Speaking of dives – Game 1 of the match between Liquid and Echo Fox during Week 3.

What in the world were Keith and Gate thinking?!  Here they were, just having managed to miraculously survive a four man gank, and then they decide to stick around after blowing all of Gate’s sums?  Did they think that TL were just gonna leave?  The wave was still right there, which means that they could just dive again, especially after Keith gets snared by Piglet.  This results in the Varus blowing both of his own sums, and the EF botlane still dying anyways.

But what I really wanna show is the plight of ADCs, not the stupid positions they occasionally get themselves into.  I need you to understand, dearest reader, that even if the ADC plays perfectly, his or her effect on the game, especially against tanks, is like the story of the bird chipping away at the mountain, i.e. an eternity is required for them to be relevant.  Watching Piglet in one play of Game 2, really brought this home to me.

The start of the fight.

Look at how miniscule the chunks are to Looper from Piglet’s autos while also paying attention to Piglet’s positioning.  At the beginning, the Shen is full health and is standing on his Spirit’s Refuge, so he’s not even taking damage.  Piglet is standing just behind Lourlo so as to be in range of Looper – he knows he can’t get cc’d cause Looper’d already used his taunt, Keith wasn’t in the area, Gate couldn’t get close enough to put on the stacks he needs to cc the Ashe, and Froggen’s cc is a highly telegraphed and slow projectile.

The kiting.

Then as Looper walks forward, Piglet kites backwards to maintain a proper amount of space between himself and the Shen.  It’s basically perfect: moving just as much as possible or needed to maintain space or dodge spells before stopping to fire another auto.  By this point it’s been five whole seconds of Piglet just autoing Looper, and Looper’s only at half health.  Yeah, it’s a full tank, full build Shen, but on the other hand, it’s a full build ADC.  By this point, ADCs are supposed to melt tanks, melt towers, just overall be the opposite of that jet fuel and steel beams debacle.

The beginning of the end.

Anivia walks up and puts down her ult and traps the Maokai with her wall.  Piglet’s forced back temporarily, then when he sees it’s all clear, he walks up right next to the wall so that he can just barely be in range of the Shen to continue autoing him; however, he’s not really in a good place to auto so he walks back and forth trying to get those max range autos off.  Now it’s unclear what exactly is happening from Piglet’s perspective since we can’t check coms, but I think he noticed that Varus had finally shown up and tried to dodge the incoming ult by walking backwards, but he managed to get clipped by the skillshot and gets snared.  So now he’s forced to blow his QSS and still gets chunked to a third by the immediate Q follow-up by Keith.


Now Piglet’s in trouble.  He doesn’t have any summoners, he doesn’t have the QSS get-out-of-jail plan, he’s got Zyra for some peel, but that’s about it.  So he tries to sit at max range and just Volley into the fight, but woe is him!  Due to a ward in the bush getting disabled due to Gate’s red trinket, and the projectile itself going through the bush with various champions and the bush graphics themselves being in the way, Piglet doesn’t see Froggen’s Flash Frost and is stunned.  That just makes it super easy for Akaadian to lob a spear at him and get chunked super low.  He would’ve died just then, but Lourlo cc’s the Nidalee so she can’t leap/execute the Ashe.  However, Piglet decides to stay for just a bit longer in order to toss out another Volley, and then he gets sniped by another Varus arrow since he didn’t have enough time after the animation ended to dodge.


It’s looking pretty bad at that moment for Liquid cause both their ADC and their tank is gone, but EF decides to back off since they’re all pretty low and Reignover just respawned so they don’t want the Kha’Zix to go on a reset rampage.  Eventually Team Liquid wins the match, and then they also win Game 3.


In any case, playing ADC ain’t a lot of fun.  Just the other day, I was playing Caitlyn and I managed to have a beautiful KDA of 0/7/7 since the other team had a considerable amount of dive and burst.  I feel good that I at least managed to roughly maintain parity in total damage output to the rest of the team.  Why don’t you share some of your ADC in 2k17 moments in the comments below?


One thought on “ADC in 2k17 LUL

  1. Once again the analysis is spot on, and this time it’s even clearer than last time. I really like the videos because they help to show what you are talking about. I’m a visual person so I really like seeing what you are describing.
    Overall I like this blog and I would keep reading this blog because this is in-depth without over explaining everything.


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