About Me

Have you ever watched a professional match of League of Legends and been confused by how that Baron throw just happened?  Have you ever been frustrated by the casters not explaining a complicated play cause they’re blathering about some of Phreak’s puns?

Well today’s your day because my blog is for you!  I am here to analyze complicated plays from pro games that I feel didn’t get enough caster coverage.  If you’re a fan of the LoL pro scene, I figure that you’ll be interested in them too.

A friend’s interpretation of me as one of my favorite champions.

My name is Amndeep.  I’ve been playing League since Season 3, but I only started watching the competitive scene during World’s that year.  However, I’ve been a dedicated fan of the pro-scene ever since!  Fantasy LCS is fun to strategize over while competing with friends, and we exclaim over exciting plays as they happen.  But besides highlight clips appearing on Reddit, and bland news results or interviews from ESPN and a few others, there isn’t much out there that creates value from the matches that’s not from Riot itself – I want to fill a bit of that void.

Despite being a Gold V 0 lp scrub (watch me lose lp real-time right here), I generally have a decent understanding of what’s going on in a match, and an unfortunate amount of game knowledge since this has been what I spent most of my time on besides school and sleep for the past few years.  Consequently, these analyses will hopefully be accurate, though I welcome comments from you if it turns out that I missed something (like all my skillshots qq).

Ok, time to watch the clown fiesta that’s LCS!