Nice Sites

Dearest readers, I find these sites extraordinarily useful for my research or as a way to improve my League experience overall.



Reddit is a wonderful place filled with memes and other stuff.  Some of that other stuff can be found on /r/LoLeventVoDs and /r/leagueoflegends.  The first subreddit is basically your hub if you ever need to watch a vod or a highlight montage for any competitive league match from the past four years.  The second subreddit is the main league sub – this is filled with a lot more memes (and salt), but there are some useful match discussion threads.

Match History

Today is the information age, and finding and analyzing data is extremely rewarding not just for understanding the data, but on a personal level as well (like this blog!).  Riot’s online match history tool is a wonderful resource for finding out just how badly you failed in that last match, like how few wards you placed or just how much more gold the enemy laner had at the end of laning phase.  Just a heads up, the base link there won’t really help you out.  You either need to have some sort of user or match id as well, so the best way to view these pages is through the match history link in the client or through the discussion threads for the competitive matches.



Another useful data source is OP.GG.  Like the match history tool, it gives you stats and graphs for games you’ve played, but the more interesting stuff is the other information it provides.  One of those tools is the MMR finder since the tier ranking that Riot swapped over to is basically useless in describing just how bad you are exactly.  Another really useful tool is the live game finder since it gives information on the feeders on your team and the smurfs on the other.


I’m always astounded by the commitment that people can have to wikis.  Wikipedia is the biggest example of this working well, but Esportspedia is one of the biggest wikis covering the esports scene, with a substantial portion dedicated to league.  If you ever wanna start stalking your favorite pro or have wondered when was the last time Aatrox was frequently played competitively (basically just EU LCS for Summer 2014), then you can come here.


Data, data, data – in this case, data on champs.  It helps you find the best champs (you meta slave), the best build paths, the best match-ups. is also really useful in finding stats about the champions – who’s being banned a lot, what’s the number of kills most people who play this champ get, what’s the win rate difference between the most common summoners and the best summoners.  There’s not a lot of analysis, and you have to be careful about some of the stats that might be based on low sample sizes, but this site does give you a heads up on what you should be thinking about.